Donald Trump has been President of the United States for more than 205 days. During that time, nothing substantial has changed. We might have added a few jobs or something like that, but has anything of importance really improved? We still hear of wars and rumors of wars, and we’re still a nation divided. So is Mr. Trump’s presidency a failure?

The answer becomes clear when one considers the truth that a thing is effective only insofar as it serves its purpose. Donald Trump’s purpose is not to save his country. Only God can do that. Mr. Trump may be considered a failure by some, but only those foolish enough to place their hope in men could be fleeced like this.

No president is ever going solve our woes so long as we continue to ignore our God. Only His grace can overcome our fallen human nature, and it is high time we start asking Him for it. If we refuse, we’re the ones who’ve failed.


2 thoughts on “Failure?

  1. I tell my friends all the time that I voted for Donald Trump expecting him to be opposed by the entire establishment and hoping that the conflict would grind affairs on Capitol Hill, which always tend toward the destruction of the Constitution and the triumph of communism, to a halt. This is exactly what has happened. I honestly couldn’t be more satisfied with his performance so far.

    I have friends who are embarrassed by his petty narcissism, frustrated at his incompetence, think he is a racist, or want him to be impeached because of his ties to Russia. It’s just as you say: these same friends want to place their hopes in a leader who will save the country from injustice. My constant reply to them is, How can a leader capable of governing the nation rise out of a polity of individuals who cannot even govern themselves? Seek first to purge yourself of your vices, and then, as a citizen, you will have become the kind of statesman this country needs. Since Our Lord is the rightful king and God of this country, the more we cooperate with His grace, the more He will restore the public peace, as only He can do. If any leader offers to accomplish this without Jesus, it is a sure sign that he is a charlatan and a demagogue.

    1. That’s a great perspective I’ve never considered: More conflict equals less detrimental legislation. How sad that things have descended this far.

      I honestly haven’t spent too much time keeping up on Trump’s actions because I don’t view them as really all that important. I do wish, though, that he would set his sights on Planned Parenthood. It seems to me that the destruction of that diabolical organization would be perhaps the most valuable thing of which a president is capable. It seems to me that a president would have the most success if his agenda focused on only a few, well-defined areas. I have labeled Planned Parenthood as Satan’s Bride, and I don’t think our side could pick a better target than that.

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