What Should we do?

This is a question that all good Americans are daily asking each other. We clearly see that our country is very quickly descending into hell, and we know that we cannot stand by idle. But the question remains—what exactly should we be doing? Quite simply, the answer is God’s will. Now there is His will … More What Should we do?


It is a simple fact that we cannot save our souls without the aid of God’s grace. And it is also true that we will not receive God’s grace unless we ask Him for it. That is called prayer. If we pray, we will be saved; if we do not pray, we will not be … More Pray

Another Donut

I’d really like to eat another donut. The first one was delicious, but it was gone in just a few bites. Give me more! Now I feel sick. Two donuts is clearly too much sugar, so now I get to feel miserable for the rest of the day. I feel cheated. That delicious dozen looked … More Another Donut

One Angel

We read on numerous occasions in Sacred Scripture that the appearance of a single angel strikes tremendous fear in the heart of man. The angelic nature is significantly superior to our fallen human nature, and we can do little but tremble when encountering something so superior. But if the sight of one single angel can … More One Angel