1236567_10201996253970704_1965213741_n          My name is Tom, and I love America. Because I love my country so much, I want to make it a better place every single day. I believe that the first step in solving the problems that are now hindering America’s greatness is to simply discuss those problems. And that is precisely what this blog is intended for. I consider any issue that affects our society, and I examine the issue with thoughtful analysis. My hope is that fellow Americans will be inspired by my writings and begin to ponder more deeply our American issues. Please feel free to comment on any of my writings with your opinions, send me your suggestions for topics or feedback, and assist me in the crusade to make America a better place. God Bless America!


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  1. God bless what you do and in giving us those great programs with Fr. Jenkins a man of great intellect and reason. I wish all priests were like him. He is the old fashioned kind like i grew up with, real leaders, so sad so many priests are effeminate, non male types–no wonder you have all these women running theoffices of
    parishes bossing everybody around.

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