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  1. Hi Tom
    Are you or Fr. Jenkins familiar with the writings or podcasts by E. Micheal Jones?
    I’ve been listening to him for a year now and it seems he has a good grasp on history as well as what’s been happening in the church for hundreds of years.
    What’s your take on this ?

  2. tom:keep on blogging. Read bertrand comparet and ignore the usual smears of him by those who are enemies of truth. mention him to the good padres. when the true Catholics wake up to the deadly serious the Church is in they will accept married priests as in apostolic times. You would make a fine priest. father jenkins is preparing you, although he knows not yet.

  3. Tom: A message to the good Padre Jenkins, regarding latest WCB video. The situation we are all in today is essentially a blessing. We now know our nation was a fraud from the start–built not on the bedrock of Christ but on the sand and swamp of insane atheism sometimes disguised as deism. We now know that Catholic tradition is the true hope, but not organized under a papacy. We now know the real enemy. Without this knowledge, how can we proceed to make a world where souls can find our Lord Jesus. We are being taught by the Father.

    1. Thank you for the comment, but I couldn’t disagree more in regards to our nation being a “fraud.” I’ve actually written on this subject before:

      We’ve always known that Catholic tradition is a greater authority than all Catholic popes combined, as St. Paul told us that even if an angel from above preached something contrary to Catholic tradition we would be duty-bound to anathematize him.

  4. Tom: Your article is the modernist way. Double minded, or to put it differently compromise after compromise. The mess we are in is the result of these compromises. Ask Father Jenkins if we can say Jesus was the most perfect man who ever lived and perhaps he had a divine sense of divinity in himself. No, father Jenkins will barf at this. Jesus was one in the Father is what he will say. No oily squirming. Oh, our people were betrayed by Judeo-Masonic deism bullshit from the start. That is why America’s takeover was so easy. You are a fine lad and will fight for a real and true America founded on Christ.

  5. Tom: Father Jenkins has these respiratory bouts because of his air travel in cabins of recycled air. Corona virus is coming soon, which in my opinion is a trial balloon. With a couple of others stop his flying and get him out of populated areas now. He will resist, but we can not afford to lose him. Do it. Erase this message.

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