“Attending Church”

“I don’t have to attend church in order for God to love me.” Hmm. What a silly statement this is. God loves with an unfathomable love every soul He has ever created, but His love is utterly powerless if we refuse it. A father can love a wayward son with every fiber of his being, but … More “Attending Church”


A Single Mortal Sin

A single mortal sin cast Lucifer from the heights of heaven to the depths of hell. A single mortal sin drove our first parents from a delightful paradise of everlasting life to a miserable world of slow death. A single mortal sin takes from man the ability to enjoy eternal happiness and condemns him to … More A Single Mortal Sin

Business & Charity

It seems that business largely consists of dealing with our fellow man. If someone has strong, interpersonal skills, he can most likely become a successful businessman. And what’s true in business is also true in our spiritual lives. For the state of a man’s soul will largely depend upon his dealings with other men. God has … More Business & Charity

Deciding Happiness

The only way to ever become truly happy is to trustfully surrender oneself to God’s will. If we make the decision to perfectly unite our wills to God’s will, it will be impossible for anything displeasing to happen to us. But the second we make that decision, we will be tried. God will test us … More Deciding Happiness