Love > Penance

It is a very hard truth that man must make reparation for his sins. God’s infinite justice dictates that everything must be repaid–even to the last farthing. When we consider the gravity of our sins, we should be absolutely terrified. The penance necessary to repair for our crimes is incomprehensible. When a miserable man views … More Love > Penance

Seeking Perfection

A great saint once said that he knew no other perfection than loving God with all one’s heart. If we ever wish to progress in our spiritual lives, knowledge of this truth is absolutely essential. Some contend that sanctity consists of multiplied prayers, great penances, extravagant alms, and the like. But these good things are … More Seeking Perfection

A Perfect Love

What kind of love does God deserve? An infinite love. What kind of love does God require? A perfect love. An infinite being deserves infinite love, but finite creatures are not capable of this. Thankfully, God is infinite justice, and He could never require something that is impossible. So God only requires from us that … More A Perfect Love