The Beauty of Poverty

There once lived a poor Catholic man who was facing terrible difficulties with his business venture. Week after week, he seemed to be constantly on the edge of failure. It took every ounce of his strength not to worry himself sick, and he knew that something had to improve. Finally, he resolved to attend Holy … More The Beauty of Poverty

Ask, and Receive

Perhaps the reason for many unanswered prayers is that we’re asking for too little. Our God is an infinitely powerful one, and it can be quite an insult to Him if our requests are always the bare minimum. Instead of praying for assistance with one particular fault, why not ask God to help us overcome … More Ask, and Receive

Praying Thanks

When is the best time to offer God a prayer of thanks? When things are not going well. The worse the situation, the better suited we are to give Him our thanks. Our lives could always be much, much worse, so giving thanks for the great many blessings we do have is surely most pleasing … More Praying Thanks