Poverty is a Choice

A recent study found that Americans collectively owe over one trillion dollars in car debt. Couple this with the one trillion dollars in student loan debt, and it is little wonder that most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Many of us cannot possibly get ahead financially because we have borrowed our way into debt … More Poverty is a Choice

Dave the Balloon Guy

To all those who think the American dream is dead, meet Dave the Balloon Guy. His story could not be more simple, and yet it perfectly illustrates our powerful, American idea. Dave one day decided that he would like to learn how to make balloon characters. He promptly got a book on the subject, watched … More Dave the Balloon Guy

Rich ≠ Evil

Americans love to hate the evil rich, but if one considers how riches are actually obtained, it is quite clear that wealth is not immoral. Financial success is simply the result of doing good things over an extended period of time. No one would argue that cultivating a good work ethic, diligently studying a field … More Rich ≠ Evil

The Evil Rich

It is hard to imagine any class within our society on the receiving end of more vitriol than the rich. We are daily told that this group of evil people are the cause of all of our American problems, and something must be done to curtail their success. Any success that the rich attain to must have … More The Evil Rich