The Lie That is Liberalism


I recently attended an extremely entertaining lecture from a woman in my field of work. At one point, this particular woman was informing her proteges of all the various tax write-offs possible in our profession and how to properly use them to our advantage. She complained that since “taxes are so outrageous these days,” she and her husband are constantly looking for ways to keep more of their hard-earned money. As she continued down her extremely detailed list, I couldn’t help but momentarily lose interest and turn my thoughts towards the causes of this sad situation. What kind of nation expects to be successful when its citizens are searching so fervently for methods of avoiding the payment of taxes? Shouldn’t that be a huge red flag warning us that our taxes are reaching immoral proportions? Before I could answer these questions, I snapped back into reality as I heard the woman say, “I would have to consider myself a super-ultra liberal. There definitely isn’t even an inkling of conservatism in me.” How ironic, I thought.

I refrained from voicing any of my thoughts as this woman transitioned to discussing politics, but I found it extremely amusing that she would complain about high taxes while being a proud “super-ultra liberal.” The irony was overwhelming and I was dumbfounded by her blindness. The situation reminded me of the time I went to McDonald’s for lunch and heard an overweight couple there discussing the challenging aspects of weight loss. Perhaps fast food isn’t your best option if you want to lose weight. Similarly, perhaps you shouldn’t be a liberal if you don’t like high taxes. Thankfully, the woman giving this lecture quickly cleared things up when she explained that she is in the process of obtaining her PhD in the field of political research.

Just to recap, here is a woman complaining about high taxes and giving tips on how to avoid them while proudly flaunting her enthrallment with liberalism and studying for her PhD in political research. One has to wonder if at any point during the decade she has spent in college she was ever taught that high taxes are the lifeblood of liberalism. Considering the utter failure of our higher education system, I would not be surprised if her professors neglected to share with her that valuable truism. But this woman will soon have her PhD in the political research field and she has yet to discover on her own the connection between high taxes and liberalism?! How sad.

Actually, the truth is probably even more disheartening. Anyone with the desire to know the truth can easily see that liberalism is completely dependent upon high taxes. The only other answer, then, is that this woman simply doesn’t want to know the truth. This is a classic case of well-conditioned, hardheaded, knee-jerk illogical reactions to conservatism. Throughout her lengthy college career this woman has undoubtedly been told time and time again that that conservatives are close-minded bigots who cannot be reasoned with. How sad it is that she will go on living her life believing so many lies and being so ignorant of the truth. I pray that one day she will wake up and discover the injustice her liberal beliefs have wrought in the world, and then turn her efforts to ensuring others do not fall into the lie that is liberalism.


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