People Loving People?

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Country music singer Garth Brooks recently released his first single in nearly seven years. The song, titled People Loving People, uses the most pathetic logic in an attempt to cure whatever’s makin’ this world ill. Brooks laments our world so full of hurtin’ and decides that people loving people/ that’s the enemy of everything that’s evil. While this may sound good on the surface, one is reminded of the increasingly prevalent, “Love-everyone-and-accept-their-differences” mantra. Given Brooks’ history of supporting the so-called LGBTQ (will the acronym ever stop growing?) community, it is clear this is what he has in mind when telling us we need people loving people. But whether it be acceptance of unnatural “values” or any other evil, people-loving-people essentially boils down to a disregarding of good and evil. No matter how warm, fuzzy, and wonderful this idea may seem, people-loving-people actually leads to more confusion, disarray, and decadence within our society.

A simple anecdote can illustrate how silly this idea of accepting everyone’s beliefs is, and also how easily it is refuted. I once got into a discussion with a co-worker who subscribes to the people-loving-people ideal, and he harshly criticized me for my belief that the Catholic religion is the only way to attain eternal salvation. He explained to me that it is fine for me to be a Catholic, but I need to accept other religions as equal to my own. I then asked him how accepting of Islam he would be if he were over in Iraq having his head chopped off at the hands of a radical Muslim. True to his logic, my co-worker told me he couldn’t resist and would submit to the idea that it must be the way God wanted him to go. I wonder if he would also stand by and accept the common Middle Eastern practice of abusing and raping women if his wife were to be the subject of one of these type of attacks. Using the people-loving-people logic, how could anyone resist? It is a common belief in the Middle East that women often deserve to be beat and raped, and we need more acceptance of those beliefs. Right?

Very often, the ones who preach tolerance are the most intolerant of beliefs that differ from their own. It seems that the only beliefs acceptable to this group of people are the ones that align with their own values. Any time someone speaks out against the so-called LGBT community they are met with some of the most vicious hate imaginable. Tolerance and acceptance suddenly go out the window. Do these people not see their hypocrisy? Those who abhor unnatural vice simply have a different viewpoint than those who support it. Why aren’t those views acceptable? It is clear that acceptance of all viewpoints isn’t the goal here. If someone were to truly accept each and every viewpoint that differed from their own, it would necessarily mean not defending their beliefs. People who do not defend their beliefs are known as cowards.

In reality, we can’t accept all viewpoints. We have to pick a side, and our choices are right or wrong; good or evil. There is no in-between. The movement to get people-loving-people is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to blur the lines between good and evil in order to make it easier to choose evil. The illogical aspects of people-loving-people are completely self-evident when applied to almost any question outside of unnatural values. One wound’t be too accepting of the values of a burglar breaking into a house, a kidnapper snatching a child, or a thief emptying a bank account. The reason these actions wouldn’t be acceptable is that they are clearly unethical. It has nothing to do with the criminal’s beliefs, but it has everything to do with society’s disdain for these criminal actions. The actions are judged in a vacuum and determined to be detrimental to society. Why shouldn’t the unnatural actions of the LGBT crowd be judged in the same light? The question of society’s acceptance of unnatural values should have nothing to do with acceptance of others’ beliefs, but should focus entirely upon the nature of the actions and their value or lack thereof to society.

Perhaps Garth Brooks should have spent a few more years writing this song. I can certainly understand how it would take a full seven years to dream up such a pathetic disaster of a song, but it is hard to believe so many people could buy into the people-loving-people “logic”. The only real solution to whatever’s makin’ this world ill is to have people loving God. The first Great Commandment is to love God and it comes before the second Great Commandment of loving our neighbors. The reason is that there first has to be a love of God in order for us to know how to properly love our neighbor. A true love of God teaches us that we are all created in His image and likeness for the purpose of knowing, loving, and serving Him in order to be happy with Him forever in the next world. When people are viewed through this lens, we can have a proper love of our neighbors because we understand why we are here and what our mission entails. If we have that proper love for our neighbor, there certainly wouldn’t be any acceptance of evil. True love doesn’t turn a blind eye in order to appease Human respect. True love attacks any evil it sees in order to better the beloved. So the whole people-loving-people idea is a farce. Acceptance of evil is the last thing this society needs. If anything is ever going to change in our country we have to have more people loving God.


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