Your Country Needs You


2016 is an important year. Our nation has never been more divided and more polarized than it is now. We are fast approaching a time when there will be no middle ground, only two sides doing battle in what is mankind’s most ancient conflict. This is not a foreign enemy which plagues our nation–it is simply the battle between good and evil. Throughout recent years, evil has been gaining a heretofore unseen traction and its momentum is building. As evil wins battle after battle in our nation, it will very soon be brazen, brash, and bold enough to attempt a complete destruction of its ultimate enemy, goodness. When that time comes, which side will we be on? Will we be prepared to stand up and fight for our country? Or will we let the greatest civilization in the history of mankind go quietly, without even so much as a whimper, into the night? The choice is ours.

There are many who will scoff at the idea of viewing the world in terms of mere good and evil, but there is no denying the acrimonious animosity which evil has towards goodness. One does not have to be a prophet to see that this trend will continue until it reaches its logical conclusion: all out war. There will very soon come a day when those who choose to persevere in goodness will be sought out and cruelly punished for their decision. History and a basic knowledge of human nature tells us that only the very strongest will have the courage to hold fast and not give in to evil. Are we prepared for such a fight? Are we firm enough in our love of goodness and truth that we can honestly expect ourselves to place principle over person?

These are very tough questions to ask of ourselves, and yet we must ask them. We must examine ourselves, find our weak points, and prepare for battle. It is easy to write this idea off as a distant fantasy and fiddle while Rome burns, but every true patriot should be doing the exact opposite. There is no doubt that Rome is burning. If we would only put down for a moment our silly fiddles, we would find the smoke has spread to every room of our American house. Will we rise to the occasion and put out the fire? Can we put out the fire? Of course we can, but the solution is not an easy one.

America is in need of another revolution. An evil tyrant has once again attempted to control every aspect of our lives. Many of us have willingly and even eagerly submitted to become his slaves, and we all pressured to follow suit. The enemy is of course, evil. Our decision to either fight back against evil, or surrender, will determine the sentence for our country. Do we have it in ourselves to fight another revolution? This war cannot be fought with mere physical weapons. Our battle is against evil, and there is only one antidote to evil. Goodness.

If America is in need of a revolution, then it is in need of a George Washington. It is very easy to sit back and wait for a leader to initiate the revolution, but this is entirely the wrong attitude. Each day we postpone the fight against evil, it grows more confident and more entrenched in our society. It is not necessary to wait for a leader because we all already know what it is we must do. If evil is our opponent, goodness is our only path to victory. If we are not actively working to purge ourselves of evil by wholeheartedly embracing goodness, then we are de facto on the side of evil. We cannot join the fight against evil if we ourselves are evil.

It is no easy task to subdue our evil passions and subject our will to goodness, but this is the war that each of us much wage. We need not wait for a leader to tell us to begin. The task is clearly laid out before us, and we can choose to either begin the long and arduous process or pick up our fiddle. This is how we become our own George Washington. Make the hard decision because it is the right decision. We must purge ourselves of evil and begin to take our good country back. Your country needs you to help fight off the enemy of evil. Will you make the tough choice to give up the evil things you love and defend your country? If you don’t pick a side soon, one will be assigned to you. Ask yourselves today, are you with goodness or evil? America is waiting for your reply.


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