The God of the Gaps


In an attempt to explain such widespread belief in God, atheists have coined the term ,”God of the gaps.” They have tried to explain God away by simply saying that what men cannot understand, they blindly attribute to a mythical omnipotent being. But as man’s understanding grows with each advance in the sciences, these gaps in his knowledge will be filled in, thus rendering belief in a God unnecessary.

Supposedly, that is.

What the “God of the gaps” argument shows is a gross misunderstanding of both God and religion. People do not posit an omnipotent being as a convenient Deus ex Machina. Instead, believers choose to accept the fact that there is a God precisely because it is a fact. No matter if science could explain every phenomenon in the universe, the simple truth that an omnipotent God exists would still remain.

The same human reason which atheists claim to worship so sincerely should lead these souls to the truth of God’s existence. As I have previously written, human reason alone is enough to know that there is a God. We don’t even have to accept that basic truth on the basis of faith because it is so completely self-evident. Faith is needed to believe certain aspects of God, but as far as just believing that He exists, anyone with sound reason will reach that unavoidable conclusion.

Atheists in their pride have placed their will above their reason. They firmly desire that there not be a God, and thus their feeble minds have created a self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s why we have this silly “God of the gaps” argument. These poor blind souls have become so caught up in their desire to accomplish the impossible, prove that God does not exist, that they have had to resort to the silliest of arguments.

True believers do not use God as a simple means of explaining away complicated phenomenon. They simply believe in Him because He is true. Man’s ability or inability to fully grasp certain occurrences within the universe have absolutely no bearing on the matter. The real gap here is somewhere between the ears of these sorely misguided schmucks.


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