Adultery is Perfectly Logical


If a couple engages in sexual relations before marriage, that is. For what does such a decision say? That sex is merely a sensual pleasure to be partaken of whenever one has the natural urge to do so.

How can one who has sexual relations before marriage logically condemn a spouse who chooses to perform the same actions outside of wedlock? The decisions to have sex before marriage and to have sex outside of marriage are both rooted in the same false principle stated above. Marriage and sexual relations no longer share a special bond within our society.

The booming adultery and subsequent divorce rates in our society do nothing to degrade the institution of marriage. Rather, what such statistics imply is that we have strayed far from the true ideal of marriage. Let’s work to keep sexual relations solely contained within good marriages, and only then will society begin to reap the benefits of such a beautiful and fruitful institution.


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