Sex Before Marriage


A simple practical point here.

One of the principle effects of having sex or making love is just that–love is made.

When love is made, there is formed a bond between the two parties which enables each partner to see past the other’s defects.

This is why sex is so important within marriage. As the thrill of the chase begins to slowly disappear and the excitement of novelty starts to wear off, love is made, and the marriage bond is rejuvenated. The act of making love, if performed in accordance with God’s plan, serves as a source of inexhaustible replenishment for the married couple.

But how does sex factor into the period before marriage?

It shouldn’t.

The goal of courtship is to discover the shortcomings of one’s partner. If these shortcomings are deemed bearable and compatible, marriage is the next logical step.

But if love is made during the period of courtship, all the faults and shortcomings of each party will be completely covered over. Love will have blinded each party to the other’s weaknesses. Thus any eventual marriage is primed for failure as each party will feel betrayed when the other’s defects are inevitably revealed.

Contrast that sad situation with that of the married couple who carefully avoided love-making during courtship in an attempt to adequately examine each other’s faults as preparation for a life-long union.

Love-making has no place in the period before marriage.

Courtship should be used wisely and prudently as each party thoroughly examines the other’s defects in an attempt to prevent any surprises during marriage.

Take this approach, and your marriage will be primed for success. When society has successful marriages, it produces upstanding citizens. When a society has upstanding citizens, their good efforts will be blessed.

If you want to save your country, spend a little less time worrying about the presidency, and spend a little more time focusing on marriage.


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