Presidential Peace


Are you worried about the outcome of this year’s presidential election?

You shouldn’t be.

No matter what terrible storms are brewing and raging around us, none of them can affect us unless we permit them to. Sure, our temporal possessions can be affected by temporal happenings, but all temporal things are destined to whither and die anyway.

“What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?”

If our economy crashes; if our nation crumbles; if World War III is commenced, none of those things have any power to affect our soul. And our soul is all that really matters.

“Let not your heart be troubled.” See to it that your soul is in order, and peace will result. Never be anxious about any temporal happenings, but rather use fear as motivation to properly order your soul.

Peace is simply the tranquility of order, so let us all work on establishing order–the proper relationship between creation and its Creator.

What do you say? Doesn’t that sound a lot better than being worried sick over who occupies a certain house in Washington?


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