Family First


“What home life is the national life will be.”

So wrote Fathers Rumble and Carty in one of the most important book series of our time, Radio Replies. 

There is much truth in those words, and it speaks volumes to our national problems. The home life of our nation’s broken families is just that, broken.

How many fully in-tact, functional families exist in our nation today? Not many. Not many at all. Nearly every American family is affected in some way by this terrible crisis. Adultery and divorce are almost as common as marriage, and many of us are choosing to forgo marriage altogether.

Is there any wonder then why we have a crisis of national leadership?

None of us hesitate to condemn corrupt politicians while complaining of our abysmal candidates for public office. And yet we don’t bat an eye as our families crumble. We actually gather together in the streets and literally cheer and applaud the destruction of marriage and consequently, families.

What a bunch of hypocrites we foolish Americans have become.

Instead of blaming Washington D.C. for all of our national problems, how about we remove the beam from our own eye first? By focusing on rebuilding our families, we will effect infinitely more good than we could ever accomplish by electing even the most savvy of politicians.

Focus on our families, America. Family first, and everything else will follow.


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