How to Get Things Done

First, compile a list of everything that needs to be done. Mental lists are fine. Physical lists are better.

Next, prioritize the list. Determine the most important item on the list.

Once the most important item is determined, attack it with a vengeance. Expend every possible ounce of energy, focus, and determination on that item. Half-measures are no way to go through life. Do what needs to be done and do it efficiently.

Speaking of efficiency, what to do when distractions from our task inevitably arise? Press pause on the item being tackled, and spend just a moment analyzing the distraction. Is it more pressing than the current item? If yes, pause the current item because there is now a new item at the top of the priority list. If no, ignore the distraction completely. Stay focused on your top priority. Knock it out.

Continue on through the list of priorities in this manner. When finished with the needs, jump into the wants.

Using this strategy we can all become a little more productive. When we’re more productive the world is a better place. So go start getting things done today.


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