Thou Shalt be Happy


Perhaps we too often focus on the aspect of God’s eternal justice while viewing Him as overly strict, stern, and severe. We imagine His tremendous coming to Mount Sinai among thunder and lightning and smoke as He presented Moses with the Ten Commandments.

But what if we took the opposite viewpoint? What if we viewed the Ten Commandments as a great act of love and mercy on God’s part? What if He gave us the Ten Commandments not because He is an evil dictator, but rather because He wanted to protect His beloved children from unhappiness?

Study His commands, and we will discover that He actually meant them to be a great source of consolation and happiness. Take a look.

By worshiping Him and Him alone, we will derive the greatest peace of soul possible on this Earth. By refraining from cursing, swearing, and blaspheming, we will have the most pleasant relationship with our neighbors. By setting aside every Sunday for Our Creator, we will continuously foster and improve our consoling relationship with Him. By always honoring our father and mother, we will have the most enjoyable family life. By refraining from killing and other offenses against the Fifth Commandment, we will have a most perfect and peaceful relationship with our neighbor. By refraining from adultery, we will have a most happy and blessed union with our own spouses. By refraining from stealing, we will have a most prosperous relationship with the rest of society. By refraining from bearing false witness against our neighbor, we will win the respect and admiration of all. By refraining from all forms of impurity, we will truly become masters of our bodies. And finally, by refraining from covetousness, we will enjoy a peace that is unassailable.

It should be clear then that God’s Ten Commandments are not to be viewed begrudgingly as one big collective killjoy. Rather we should thank Our Blessed Lord every single day for giving such a clear, concise, and comprehensive list of all that we must do to be happy. What a great, merciful, and loving Father we have!


2 thoughts on “Thou Shalt be Happy

  1. Teachers in the good old days often used to refer to the Commandments as Gods Plan for happiness. I think we need to get back to seeing it as such.. Great blog!

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