Love Thy Country


America is struggling to survive because too many of her own people have abandoned her. These poor Americans see in the real and imaginary faults of their country sufficient cause for despair. In the name of justice, America is often condemned to death by its own people.

But this attitude could not be more wrong.

America is a nation steeped in sin, it is true. She has become perhaps the world’s leading exporter of immorality. She proudly flaunts before the whole world her love for each of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. She daily and routinely breaks every one of the Ten Commandments. All of this true, and yet we cannot abandon her.

Luckily for America, she is not to be judged by her self-righteous citizens, but rather by Almighty God. And have we all noticed that this Almighty God has thus far refrained from destroying America? Despite all of our terrible sins, there is still enough good in America for God to continue to extend His providence.

To be justly angry over our national sins is a commendable thing. To despair of our country and continuously rail against her in the hope that she will be destroyed is a grave sin against piety. We must love our own nation more than all the others on Earth. In order to love our nation, she must be lovely. Now maybe America’s loveliness is a little harder to discover in these perverted times, but nonetheless it is there. America still has some good. America is still beautiful.

If we ever wish to restore our country, we must seek out and discover her beauty, and then use that beauty as our motivation. It is in our nature to preserve and increase beauty. If we could only see past America’s crimes to the beauty and goodness that still lives within her borders, we would be willing to dedicate our lives to her betterment.

But as long as we continue to self-righteously harp upon our national faults, we will continue to see our country as worthless–something to be discarded. What a shame, and what a crime. Stop the bashing. Love thy country.


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