Holy Scripture


How many thousands upon thousands of words do we read every single day that profit us nothing? What if we substituted just a few of the meaningless and often dangerous words we incessantly consume on social media for several words from Sacred Scripture?

After all, it is the greatest book ever written. How many of us have read it? How many of us consider ourselves scholarly, learned, and wise, and yet haven’t perused the most important tome in all of history? If we have read it, how many of us really sought to understand its words and put them into practice?

Indeed, Holy Scripture should be read by all who seek the truth. It isn’t the easiest read at times, but then again à Kempis tells us that, “Truth is to be sought for in Holy Scripture, not eloquence.”

Begin today to seek out the truth contained within Sacred Scripture. Thomas à Kempis provides the how to: “If thou wilt receive profit read with humility, simplicity, and faith; and seek not at any time the fame of being learned.” Humility, simplicity, and faith. Let’s start reading.


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