The Utility of Adversity


“It is good for us to have sometimes troubles and adversities: for they make a man enter into himself, that he may know that he is in a state of banishment, and may not place his hopes in anything of this world.”

“For then we better run to God, our inward witness, when outwardly we are despised by men and little credit is given to us.”

Is that true of us? Do we run to God in adversity, or do we place our hope in things of this world? Vanity of vanities, and all is vanity that is of this world. When trials of adversity inevitably arise, seek not the vain consolations of this world.

A great saint once prayed, “Our hearts were made for thee, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in thee.” This must be our prayer in all adversities. Let us rest our hearts in His, and let us place our hope in them. Adversity provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. Let’s use it wisely.


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