Works of Charity


“Without charity the outward work profiteth nothing; but whatever is done out of charity, be it ever so little and contemptible, all becomes fruitful.”

Yes, all can become fruitful. Thomas à Kempis understood this well. Every beat of our heart, every breath we take, every single act of our will can profit us much. If only we would do these things out of charity. All it takes is the proper intention. Our life was given us as a gift from our Creator, and if we simply let Him know that we intend every moment of our life to be lived for Him, all becomes fruitful.

Eating, drinking, and even sleeping can profit us much. “For God regards more with how much affection and love a person performs a work than how much he does. He does much who loves much.”

Do we love much? Do we possess charity? “He that has true and perfect charity seeks himself in no one thing, but desires only the glory of God in all things.” If we live for God, our entire lives will become one collective act of love. And there is nothing greater than an act of love for Him who is deserving of all love.

“Ah! if man had but one spark of perfect charity he would doubtless perceive that all earthly things are full of vanity.”


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