Tom Brady


Dear Mr. Brady,

You’ve got it all. You are officially the greatest quarterback in NFL history, and you just may go down as the most dominate sports figure ever. You’re a legend. Your success is unparalleled.

Because of your success, you now have untold millions of dollars to your name. You could buy practically any item on Earth without even making a dent in your savings. You’re not even 40-years-old yet you’re capable of the most luxurious retirement in the history of mankind.

You have a most beautiful wife and some of the most darling kids. You have the respect and admiration of millions – maybe even billions – of souls all across the globe. There are thousands of kids all across the country who dream of being like you.

You have conquered this world, Mr. Brady, so what now? What’s next? Is it finally time to shift your focus from this momentary material world to the everlasting spiritual world? Your material possessions are in order no doubt, but what about your soul?

What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?

Ponder those words this off-season. Ponder, and then act. There is no chance at overtime when it comes to eternity.


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