Pain Management


It’s often said that pain is weakness leaving the body, but actually pain is caused precisely by the weakness of the body. Pain is a simple fact of this miserable life, and while some may suffer more than others, we all must learn how to manage it.

Here’s a tip: Suffering pain sure is tough, but attaching a reason to our suffering makes it a whole lot more tolerable. For example, no one would volunteer themselves a week-long migraine just for the heck of it, but a million-dollar consolation prize would attract a plethora of volunteers. Since we’re all bound to deal with pain throughout our lives, it’s only logical to attach a reason to our suffering that serves to abate its sting.

And what could that be but love!

Every trial is made easier by love, and therein lies the key to cheerfully suffering our pains. We must suffer out of love for the savior who suffered for us. He knows what it is to suffer pain–more so than any human being on earth. He knows how hard it is, and only He can make it easier. He is the source of all love, and only by going to Him and presenting our labors and burdens will we ever be refreshed. If you suffer pain, dear reader, pray to your Savior. He’s hanging on the cross in unspeakable pain, but His arms are open to embrace to you; His head is bent to kiss you; and His heart is open to receive you. Go to Him and be refreshed.



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