The Beauty of Poverty


There once lived a poor Catholic man who was facing terrible difficulties with his business venture. Week after week, he seemed to be constantly on the edge of failure. It took every ounce of his strength not to worry himself sick, and he knew that something had to improve. Finally, he resolved to attend Holy Mass each morning for seven straight days in order to beg God’s mercy and assistance.

Herein lies the beauty of poverty: it tends to lead men to God.

Had this man experienced wonderful and immediate success in his business venture, there is little chance he would have ever considered the daily Masses. Had he obtained in the beginning all that was desired, it would have ruined an opportunity to secure for his soul a myriad of graces.

Herein lies the danger of wealth: it tends to lead men from God.

Considering these things, how good is God to have temporarily prevented this man from becoming successful? He may have easily wondered as to why God was not answering his prayers for business success, when really God was giving him something much better. Instead of material gain, God was giving him spiritual gain. What a thought.


4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Poverty

  1. God knows best how to attract souls to Himself… He may use poverty in some cases, and riches in others. There are quite a few of us who found God (and Faith) after realizing that all the material success which had afforded us to have and do whatever we pleased did not lead to real happiness and fulfillment.

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