Business & Charity


It seems that business largely consists of dealing with our fellow man. If someone has strong, interpersonal skills, he can most likely become a successful businessman.

And what’s true in business is also true in our spiritual lives. For the state of a man’s soul will largely depend upon his dealings with other men. God has made man as a social being, and He demands that our societies be harmonious. He accepts nothing less. St. Paul, in exhorting Christians to love one another, says that above all things we must have charity, “which is the bond of perfection.”

St. Thomas Aquinas defines this charity as a friendship between God and man. God manifests His loving friendship by His fatherly care of His children, and we are to return the favor by giving Him our hearts. When a man gives his heart to God, he will follow God’s commands. When a man gives his heart to God, he will love his neighbor as himself. No, he will love his neighbor even as Christ has loved him.

And when men love one another as Christ has first loved them, the tranquility of order ensues. Businesses prosper, and souls are sanctified. If any man desires a successful business and a holy soul, let him first love God in order that he may next love his neighbor.


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