Thoughts of Death


“Very quickly must thou be gone from hence, see then how matters stand with thee; a man is here to-day and to-morrow he is vanished. And when he is taken out of sight he is quickly also out of mind.”

Yes, Thomas à Kempis, our lives are quick indeed. How ironic it is that the longer a man lives the shorter his life seems. A fleeting moment in time is all that man is granted, but it is all that man needs. Provided he use it well, that is.

Have we used our time well? Have our quick lives produced good fruit? If not, here’s a suggestion. “In the morning imagine that thou shalt not live till night; and when evening comes presume not to promise thyself the next morning.”


3 thoughts on “Thoughts of Death

  1. I keep a supply of a photocopied passage from this book and give them to people as my spirit moves me. One response was, I would never have seen this even before he read it. I do see it as that; each of the persons who have gotten a copy would never have seen the book.

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