What Catholics Believe

This author has recently been blessed with the opportunity to host a most wonderful YouTube program titled, “What Catholics Believe.” In this weekly program, Father William Jenkins and yours truly answer viewer email concerning the Traditional Catholic viewpoint on a variety of issues. One of our latest programs can be found below, and the YouTube … More What Catholics Believe

Love Means Being Able to Say You’re Sorry

Editor’s Note: Below is another touching piece written by Father William Jenkins. This is one brief and definitely worth sharing 🙂 –TN No one is perfect. Everyone has faults and weaknesses. Everyone makes mistakes. One of the most important lessons parents need to teach–and children need to learn–is to apologize humbly and sincerely when they have done … More Love Means Being Able to Say You’re Sorry

What is Love?

Editor’s note: The following is a short piece composed by a great friend of this writer, Father William Jenkins. His beautiful message is precisely what the world needs to hear during the Christmas season. Please read on to discover what is love, and please share this post with your friends. –TN During the 1968 award-winning musical … More What is Love?