What Catholics Believe


This author has recently been blessed with the opportunity to host a most wonderful YouTube program titled, “What Catholics Believe.” In this weekly program, Father William Jenkins and yours truly answer viewer email concerning the Traditional Catholic viewpoint on a variety of issues. One of our latest programs can be found below, and the YouTube channel can be found here. Please do reward our good effort with your views!


4 thoughts on “What Catholics Believe

  1. Many thanks for this informative and very helpful youtube program. Please give my sincere thanks to Fr. Jenkins as well; his work is much appreciated. God bless you.

  2. I’ve watched several of the videos and as I will admit I have learned things.

    Fr. Jenkins made a comment in one of your videos that a woman should never be able to confess their sins face to face to a priest. They need to in a confessional. It’s okay for men to do so, but it’s still recommended to do it through a confessional. It’s okay if they are dying and in a hospital or something. (I’m paraphrasing, but the words are there.)

    So if a priest rejects a woman’s confession and then she dies with mortal sin, then what happens? Did that priest just sentence her to hell instead of allowing her to do penance?

    Why do you believe the priest has the power to forgive sins anyway? Why not go directly to God and ask for forgiveness?

    Through Christ alone scripture tells us all the time. Conversations with Nicodemus. Conversations with the Apostles. Words inspired by Christ was written by Paul tell us all of this.

    There is no mediator between God and us except Jesus Christ. Fr. Jenkins is not Jesus Christ. Why do you confess your sins to somebody who may reject your confession?

  3. A priest doesn’t “reject” anyone’s confession. The church simply prefers the sacrament of penance to be administered in the confessional rather than face to face. If circumstances prevent the preferable method, the sacrament can still be administered. Salvation of souls is the church’s highest precept, so she would willingly absolve a sinner face to face if it was the only option.

    A priest cannot sentence anyone to hell. He can refuse absolution if the sinner shows signs of being unrepentant, but the sinner can still save his soul. He can humble himself to do as the priest desires, and he can make an act of perfect contrition which would absolve him of all of his sins even without confession.

    Catholics believe priests have the power to forgive sins because Christ told us that He gave them that power. We do go to God and ask for forgiveness, but then we do what He commands in order to obtain His forgiveness: “Show yourself to the priest.”

  4. Dear Tom and Father Jenkins.

    When I was a student in Catholic School in the 50’s and 60’s, a wonderful person, Sister Maria Vicente, taught me how to win a game of Tick Tack Toe, or how to never lose the game. “Block a corner and you cannot lose.”

    I have used this simple technique throughout my life. It kept me alive in Vietnam as a Corpsman with the USMC, and saw me though 20 years as a Fire Captain in S. F. , CA.

    I apply it to Covid. Covid has never been isolated nor photographed viz electronic microscopy. It is a “theory.”

    As with all theories, the burden of proof lies with the theorist. They use a PCR test to record cases, after the PCR inventor, Kerry Mullins had stated shortly before his untimely death that, PCR should never be used to amplify “DNA junk” into a viral entity.

    So now we now have a theoretical virus, confirmed by a misapplied test, all used to justify a need for a genetically engineered vaccine that was being developed before the illness had a name? Follow the patents and money.

    This theory is so dubious, that it required “warped speed” Star Treck jargon, complete indemnity for the maker, comorbidity theft, and now the mixing of pneumonia, influenza and seasonal flu to ramp up the case numbers.

    If you acknowledge the existence of COVID, you have started your game of Tick Tack Toe incorrectly. “You have forfeited the game from the beginning,” as Sister Vincente used to say. Make them prove COVID exists. You will not be a “denier.” You will be a healthy skeptic!

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