How to be a Good Parent


It is a common theme among all parents to consider if their parental duties are being sufficiently performed. This worry is especially prevalent among new parents, but it can be easily dispelled by examining a few principles.

First, it must be understood that the parents’ most essential duty is to be a representation of God. This sounds like a tall order–and it is–but our next principle should quell any anxiety.

God is simple: God is love.

If a parent wishes to be a representation of God, he must above all else simply love. And this love between parent and child comes naturally! God blesses each and every parent with the natural ability to be a representation of Himself. All we must do to be a good parent is follow this natural instinct of love.

But what does it mean to love? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Always bear in mind that a parent’s authority is meant to reflect God’s authority. If any parent wishes God to deal harshly with him, let that parent deal harshly with his children. But if any parent wishes God to deal lovingly with him, let that parent deal lovingly with his children.

God is love. Parents should be no different.


One thought on “How to be a Good Parent

  1. Unless you count God, no Earthly parent can claim to be perfect. One fact about kids is that kids do things that test the patience of their parents. However, what approach is better-taking the irritation out on the kid or kids in question or just laughing it off and patiently discouraging kids from their seemingly ridiculous behavior?

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