Servant Leaders

It seems that the correct order of things has those in positions of authority serving their inferiors. This is not a popular idea in today’s culture, but it is perfectly in accord with reason. The principle of subsidiary function tells us that all matters should be handled at the lowest possible level. When an entity … More Servant Leaders

Powerful Parents

It is a simple fact of life that no man can decide the type of world into which he is born. We are dealt only one hand of cards, and it is with these cards that we must play. As a man progresses throughout his life here on earth, he can do very little or … More Powerful Parents

Parenting Advice

Never give a command to your child that you are not prepared to enforce. Never give the same command to your child more than once. Children learn by testing their limits, and parents cannot allow them to push the bounds. The authority of parents is meant to represent the authority of God, and this is … More Parenting Advice

Silly Kids

It can be rather embarrassing to look back upon the silly mistakes of one’s youth. The question sometimes comes to mind, why would God put up with such an ignorant fool? What good is a dummy know-nothing, anyway? Thankfully, God regards the intentions where man regards the actions. Silly mistakes are really not so bad … More Silly Kids