A Father’s Heart


When a man marries a woman, he loves her with all of his heart. When he has his first child, he loves that child with all of his heart while maintaining and even increasing the love he has for his wife. How is this possible? The size of his heart must increase.

Indeed, with each new addition to the family, a father discovers his capacity for loving enjoys a significant increase. He consistently loves with all of his heart, but his heart is ever-ready to embrace a newcomer. The more the merrier, as they say.

If the above hypothesis is correct, what must be the size of our Heavenly Father’s heart? How great must be his powers of loving! Each and every member of the human race He has known and loved as His own child. The Great Sacred Heart is ever-expanding, ever-burning with love for His poor children.

Any good father knows the irresistible nature of a child’s plea for forgiveness. So be a child, go to your Father, ask His forgiveness, and trust in the power of a Heavenly Father Who loves you with all of His infinite heart.


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