Servant Leaders


It seems that the correct order of things has those in positions of authority serving their inferiors. This is not a popular idea in today’s culture, but it is perfectly in accord with reason.

The principle of subsidiary function tells us that all matters should be handled at the lowest possible level. When an entity is unable to handle some matter, the next-highest level of authority steps in. This idea is typically reserved for discussions involving government, but it does have a more practical application in our every day lives.

One obvious example is business. The team members with the least amount of authority handle everything they can, and leave the rest to those with more authority. Another example is the family. Children contribute to the family in whatever way they can, while parents control all matters which children cannot.

When examining this proper order of things, it becomes clear that the correct attitude of superiors towards their inferiors should be one of service. Employers should be servant-leaders of their employees. Parents should consider themselves servants of their children while supplying for their every need.

This means that employers should consistently express gratitude to their employees. They should do everything in their power to accommodate their team members and ensure their well-being. The employee’s responsibility is to make money for his employer; the employer’s responsibility is to wait hand and foot on his employee as he does this.

When applied to the family, these ideas tell us that parents should be totally forgetful of self while focusing entirely on their children. If a child is hungry and a parent is sleepy, the child wins out. If a child is naughty and a parent is busy, the parent must forget his own needs and address the need of his child–discipline.

By establishing these guiding principles, many a moral dilemma can be solved. This is the beauty of principles: many of our toughest decisions are already pre-made. Employers and parents alike must always bear in mind the fact that their duty is to be servant leaders. When this happens, the tranquility of order will reign supreme.


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