Parenting Advice

Never give a command to your child that you are not prepared to enforce. Never give the same command to your child more than once. Children learn by testing their limits, and parents cannot allow them to push the bounds. The authority of parents is meant to represent the authority of God, and this is … More Parenting Advice

Silly Kids

It can be rather embarrassing to look back upon the silly mistakes of one’s youth. The question sometimes comes to mind, why would God put up with such an ignorant fool? What good is a dummy know-nothing, anyway? Thankfully, God regards the intentions where man regards the actions. Silly mistakes are really not so bad … More Silly Kids

A Swimming Lesson

Over the weekend, my daughter learned how to swim. Well, she tried to learn anyway. Her grandma bought her a small floatie, but it was still a struggle for her to even keep her head above water. Despite those struggles, she flatly refused my help. As I stood next to her in the pool watching … More A Swimming Lesson