Unnecessary Birth Control


One reason often given for justifying the use of birth control is that the couple could not possibly handle another child. But how silly is this attempted justification when we examine a few simple facts.

God is the author of all life, and as such He alone determines when to bless a couple with a child. He is an infinitely good, wise, and loving Father to His poor children, and He would (could) never give us anything that was not for our own betterment. No matter how much we may disagree with His plan, it is always for our own good.

This means that when a couple really could not possibly handle another child, God will not give them another child. There is absolutely no need to use any form of birth control. If a couple mistakenly believes that they could not possibly handle another child, and God determines otherwise, what does the couple have to fear? They should humbly understand that their Heavenly Father is sending them another child because it will bring them closer to Him. The lucky couple should thank God for the gift, and bless Him for His wisdom.

It seems that the fear of raising children comes from two sources–an unfounded trust in ourselves, and a lack of confidence in God. These two ills can very quickly be remedied by simply embracing the truth. We are but poor and miserable creatures capable of absolutely nothing on our own, while God is infinite perfection and power.

Believe this, distrust ourselves, have confidence in God, and any fear of raising children will evaporate. Oh, and so will any supposed need for birth control.


3 thoughts on “Unnecessary Birth Control

  1. Today I saw a woman who looked so much like my mother I had to look twice. I couldn’t help but think about her and the way she used to laugh at my stupid jokes! I smiled at her and she smiled back. I decided to tell her why I was starring at her. I said “I hope I didn’t make you feel uneasy, but I’m amazed at how much you resemble my mother whom I haven’t seen in a few years. “ immediately she replied with a terrific sense of humor “Your mother looked like me? Why she must have been beautiful!” We laughed, and even though I never told her my mom passed away, somehow she already knew and said “I’m sorry your mother is gone now, but we don’t really stick around this place too long do we? I’m sure she was very happy to have a son like you. I know I would be.” I thanked her and went on my way. I’ve been thinking about that old woman a lot every since, and of course thinking about my mom. I took from this meeting so many positives that I’m sure the meeting was a providential gift from God. Not only did I remember to pray for my mom’s soul, but began to think of how I immediately felt joy at seeing someone who resembled my mother. I’m sure our Lord reacts the same way when He sees us imitating His mother. When He sees us dressing modestly and practicing virtue for the love of Him, like His Mother. When He sees us honoring His Mother by praying Her Rosary, He can’t help thinking about Her and the love She bore for Him who no one before or since has ever matched. He loves us more because of our love for His Mother. Let us then strive to become carbon copies of our dear Lady in every way, but especially in loving God with our whole heart, mind, body and soul! Thanks for reading and God bless you. 

    In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Mike Montesano 

  2. This one needs a little refining yet before it goes to ink, please add or take away whatever you like. Even though it’s kinda rough, I think you’ll get the idea I’m trying to convey! Would you die for your children? Imagine some evil and cunning person kidnapping your family and saying “I will release them on one condition. The only way I’ll release your children alive is if YOU die!” What you say? Your blood would be the price of their redemption. You would be their ransom. Even though you’d know it would free your children from their captivity and from certain death, it would be frightening to know that you are about to die. Now, imagine that he told you that the method of your execution was going to be crucifixion? Suppose this really happened, and you agreed to do it out of love for your children. All your children were released to safety and you were captured, tortured and finally, crucified and died. Wouldn’t you hope that your children would be grateful and lovingly remember your sacrifice for ever? Suppose they didn’t! Suppose that after your martyrdom and their release from the cruelty of an evil madman, your children willingly returned to him and began serving him like slaves instead! What kind of children would do such a thing? We do exactly that when we sin! Our Lord, Jesus Christ came down from Heaven to save us from hell and the cruelty of the devil. Being God, He knew from all eternity that He would be most cruelly martyred on the cross for His children, and yet, in stead of being frightened of it, He couldn’t wait to do it! “With desire I have desired to eat this pasch with you, before I suffer.” (Luke 22:15) Not only did our Lord die for us, but He desired to do it! He did it with pure, Divine love in His most Sacred Heart for His children! When we consent to mortal sin, we go back to the evil one that we have been redeemed from and say “What can I do for you? How can I serve you my lord?”We ungratefully disregard everything our Lord has done for us to secure our redemption and willingly give up an eternity of happiness with Him in Heaven. Let us strive with our whole mind, body and soul to avoid sin, this ultimate, ungrateful disrespect and to return the immense Love our Lord has shown for us with all the love we can possibly muster from our feeble, little hearts. 

    In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Mike Montesano 

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