Spilled Milk


Thank you for allowing me to spill this milk, O Lord. You have provided me with a wonderful opportunity to increase my patience by working to stay calm over this matter. You have drawn my heart closer to Yours as I wipe the milk from the floor and imagine your mercy wiping away my sins. You have caused me to think of Your Precious Blood being spilled for me, and You’ve caused me to see Your Blessed Mother carefully wiping it from the ground. And what of the fact that You became man for me and made Yourself dependent upon the milk of Your mother! What a thought.

You have given me the grace to benefit in a thousand different ways from this, the smallest of actions. Spilled milk could have been the source of many sins, but You have made it the source of many graces. I adore You for this, my infinitely good and beautiful Father. I love You with every ounce of this clumsy heart, and I beg of you to make me a saint.


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