The Sin City Sin


What a terrible sin has been committed in Sin City. More than fifty souls were murdered in cold blood, while more than five hundred were injured by a maniacal gunman. Of course a tragedy of this magnitude has sent shock waves through the entire world, but what exactly is so shocking here?

Man is born a fundamentally flawed being. As a result of Original Sin, we tend towards evil. Generations past have fought to swim against the current by subduing the passions and subjecting the will to the intellect. But modern man has given up the fight. He has embraced his evil tendencies, and he has chosen Satan as his lord and master.

So should we really be surprised when a modern man commits a crime so evil that it could only be from Satan himself? No! In fact, we should expect crimes of this magnitude to be directly proportional to the extent that our culture embraces sin. After all, what is sin but an act of worship performed for Satan? If a soul gives into a life of sin, he has surrendered himself to Satan’s service. Is it any surprise that Satan uses some of his ever-growing number of servants to carry out attacks like the Las Vegas shooting?

This entire incident should come as no surprise to those who understand what is happening in America. We live in a country that sucks unborn fetuses from their mother’s womb in order to rip the still-living baby into pieces. We inject unborn babies with a deadly saline solution that poisons their body from the inside while burning their skin off from the outside. Sometimes we deliver a baby up to their neck before jamming a pair of scissors in their spinal cord to end their life.  We call these demonic acts “abortions” and we perform well over three thousand of them every single day.

For a madman to randomly murder fifty-some people absolutely pales in comparison to the satanic act of a mother murdering her unborn child in the most cruel manner imaginable. And yet there is no shock, no surprise, and no media coverage as more than three thousand of the most innocent souls in our country are murdered every single day.

Open your eyes, Americans, and see the culture of sin and death that we have embraced. See the so-called doctor shoving his scissors into the back of the partially-born baby’s neck, and then ask yourself if mass shootings like Las Vegas are really all that surprising.


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