Reductio Ad Absurdum

Abortion cannot be reasonable because of its inevitable conclusion. If every baby was murdered, there would be no human race. Abortion is unreasonable, and unreasonable acts are immoral. Therefore, abortion is immoral.

American Hypocrisy

Last week, President Trump ordered missal strikes against a foreign dictator because his chemical weapons attack cruelly ended the life of roughly seventy people. If deadly missal strikes are an appropriate response to the murder of seventy souls, what does our own country deserve for the slaughter of sixty million perfectly innocent unborn children? Shame … More American Hypocrisy

Tomi Lahren

Foul-mouthed and disgusting is perhaps the best way to describe the depraved character that is Tomi Lahren. This impure and immoral girl has taken the conservative movement by storm because she occasionally makes scathing remarks against the American Left.┬áMs. Lahren’s “pro-choice” comments last week on The View, however, were quite the opposite. A pitifully poor … More Tomi Lahren


To have a choice is to be human. A choice supposes free will, and a free will necessitates responsibility. Where there exists responsibility, there will be rewards. In that sense, this writer is absolutely pro-choice. Our free will–our humanity–is a gift from God. We are to be held accountable for our actions, and this means … More Pro-Choice