A Rosary March and a Prayer


Every May, hundreds of good souls gather before a certain county’s justice center to pray for their nation. How ironic, that the gathering is held in front of a justice center when what we are begging for is mercy.

If justice is the rendering of what is due, what does this mean for the United States of America? We are nation that has wantonly murdered sixty million of our most innocent civilians, and the carnage shows no signs of stopping. So what is due to a nation of murderers?

The death penalty.

This blog has often been criticized for its harsh dealings, but does there even exist words that are strong enough to convey the evil that dwells in the hearts of so many Americans? Only Satan himself could inspire the hellish scourge that is the devil’s sacrament of abortion.

And yet there is hope. Our God is infinite justice, it is true, but it has been said that His mercies are above all of His works. God prefers mercy to justice, as is evidenced by His meekness and humility of heart. A great saint once said, “Is not God all love? God the Father is the Father of mercy; God the son is a Lamb; God the Holy Ghost is a Dove–that is, gentleness itself.”

It is to this most gentle and Blessed Trinity that we pray and beg for mercy. Let justice be delayed, we cry, and mercy flow freely. In unison with our Crucified Christ we say, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” God Himself made excuses for mankind’s pitiful state, and we follow that example.

We are a nation of murderers, yes, but how many understand the full ramifications of their actions? How many poor women are coerced into abortions by the terrible influence of others? How many miserable parents do away with their unborn children out of fear? How many unknowing mothers are presented with a crock of lies? How many of those involved in abortions really know what they do?

Hear our pitiful excuses, O Lord! Hear them, and have mercy on us. Your justice is great and terrible, and we are exceedingly afraid because of it. But Thy mercy far outdoes Thy justice, and because of this we have hoped in Thee. Out of the depths we will cry to Thee, O Lord, hear our voice. If Thou wilt mark iniquities, who shall stand it? Thou art a God of mercy, and we will wait for Thee. Thou art also a God of truth, and didst Thou not promise to hear our cries? Behold, O Lord, thy miserable and wretched crying children. We are worms and no men. But for Thy promises, O God, we would not dare to even beg for the mercy which we do not deserve. But Thy promises! Ask and ye shall receive, You commanded us, seek and ye shall find, You told us, knock and it shall be opened unto you, You begged us. Behold, O great and everlasting God, are we not asking for Thy mercy? Are we not seeking Thy forgiveness? Are we not knocking on the door to Thy great Sacred Heart? Open unto us that furnace of charity that we may be consumed by Thy love. Ah, Thy love! That all-consuming and purifying love! What are our sins in the presence of the great Sacred Heart of Our Lord!? All shall become as nothing, and our scarlet robes shall be made as white as snow. Like Magdalene, like Augustine, like so many others do we come to Thee, O Jesus. We kneel at the foot of Thy cross and beg for mercy. We have nothing of our own to offer Thee, so we simply unite to Thy Eternal Sacrifice. Let at least a few drops of Thy Most Precious Blood fall upon us and wash away our sins. O Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on us!


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