The Most Important Lesson


Being a parent is a truly awesome responsibility. It’s a rather scary thought, actually, to imagine standing before the throne of our Eternal Judge giving an account of our children’s lives. Many do not like to admit this terrifying fact, but parents are responsible for much of their children’s goodness or badness as the case may be.

So what can parents do to ensure that their children are good? How can we avoid the miserable fate that lies in store for irresponsible parent-failures?

We must simply teach our children the most important lesson: Life is all about saving your soul–everything else is just the details.

A good education? A good job? A good career? A financial success story? A happy life? An experience-rich life? A suitable partner? A beautiful family? Details. Every one of these things is just an insignificant detail in the big picture that is the salvation of our souls. Have we not been told to seek first the Kingdom of God, and then all of these things will be added to us?

This, then, is what we must teach our children. A good education et. al are important–yes–but not when compared to the salvation of our souls. Parents should stress this all-important aspect of life above everything else. After all, what doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?


2 thoughts on “The Most Important Lesson

  1. As our Chapel grows in numbers, we are welcoming families coming in from the hijacked Church. One such family struggled and succeeded! in raising three beautiful and NICE kids amid the sad remnants of what was once a thriving Catholicism. Even their own extended family distance themselves from them, and until they found Our Lady of Peace here in S Fl, they remained true to their callings as Catholic parents raising Catholic kids with only their instincts and the Holy Ghost to guide them. Here is what this good Catholic mother wrote to me just yesterday:

    ……So very encouraging to me and all of us! So nice it has been becoming part of the group at the chapel…I cannot tell you how much it means to our family right now. All of these things are so important yet hard to find in the “world” today. This is why we love the chapel and finally are confident in learning what is the right way to raise a family even in this mixed-up world! It is always a learning process but must always conform to the will of God– so thank you so much for your…support and encouragement in this!!! It means more than you know because even our own families do not believe or understand the Truth so we are somewhat distant and awkward with them. It can be lonely for the children, so thank you again for….

    And just a note on the children: the oldest, a very pretty young woman, modest, a second mother to her brothers and entering her last year of college– asked her parents to transfer to a school closer to a Traditional Catholic Chapel so she’d have a respite from the worldliness of her peers. The oldest boy, 14, now being home schooled, excited about learning the Latin responses so he can join the other boys in serving our Lord at the Altar (and how those other boys are so accomodating to him!), and the youngest boy of 7 or so, a rambuctious boy by nature, how, as soon as he enters the Chapel, his eyes widen, and walks very carefull to his place and kneels and prays with his eyes tightly shut, sometimes resting his head on his big brother’s shoulder when he gets either overwhelmed or bored.

    These ‘orphan’ families exist wandering in the wasteland of the Novus Ordo and we can only thank God when they find us. Pray daily and fervently for more and more Vocations to Religious life and the Priesthood so more “respites from the worldliness of our peers” can be opened and we can fill our nations once again with the grateful subjects of Christ Our King! Our children are the future Priests, Nuns and Brothers. Let us encourage them by prayer and example.

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