Why Does God Put Up With Us?


Why does God put up with us? It’s no secret that mankind has been mostly a failure throughout his entire existence, so why does God continue to will this existence?

As surprising as it may seem, God has not done away with mankind because our goodness outweighs our badness. Even in these terrible times when man has all but forgotten His Creator, there are still enough good souls on earth to make all the evil tolerable.

God does nothing that is not good, and the simple fact that mankind still exists proves that the net result of our race is good. How can this be when the vast majority of men are evil? After all, did not Our Lord Himself convey to us that only the few are saved?

The answer to this seeming paradox lies in the power of love. To receive just one act of love from His creatures, God would (and did) undergo every torment on earth. He thirsts, He told us, for our love. If only we quenched this divine craving by giving to Him our hearts! Every day that we refuse His love brings us one day closer to our destruction. Perhaps the time is not far off when the net result of mankind will cease to be good. A terrifying thought, but a consoling solution.

Give Him your heart and prolong our existence.


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