A common belief among proud men is that they are irreplaceable. This, in fact, is never the case.

Every man who possesses any position of authority was granted that position by Almighty God. Every man who acquires any talent or skill was allowed to do so by Almighty God. Really, any man who has the gift of life was granted that gift by Almighty God. Of ourselves, we are capable of nothing. We can merit nothing. We can earn nothing. Thus–strictly speaking–we have nothing for which we can be proud.

We have been told that the very hairs upon our heads are numbered, and not one of them falls from its place without the permission of Almighty God. Considering this awesome truth, how can any man think himself to be something when really he is nothing?

We owe our very existence entirely to Our Creator, and we depend upon Him for every moment of our lives. How, then, could any of us ever be irreplaceable? God created the entire universe from nothing, and a simple act of His will would be sufficient to replace each and every one of us.

It is a serious temptation, to make ourselves out to be something, because this is the tendency of our fallen human nature. We, like Satan, look upon the wonderful gifts bestowed on us by Our Creator and mistakenly attribute them to ourselves. But our gifts are only beautiful because they come from God! He is the source of all beauty and all goodness. And like St. Michael we must ask, “Who is like unto God?”

If we have been blessed by God with some gift of position, talent, or other good attribute, we must humbly acknowledge that these things are not our own. Even the most gifted man on earth is nothing in comparison with the Eternal Giver. So no, my friends, regardless of our position in life, we are certainly not irreplaceable.


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