The Truth and A Lie

Fellow lovers of the truth, who are we fighting? Is it the Democrats? Is it liberals? Is it leftists? Socialists? Progressives? Communists? Perhaps it’s the new-age-neo-post-modern-pseudo-fascists-Marxists? Or maybe it’s some other group for which we haven’t yet devised a label? How telling it is that our enemies are legion. In the battle between good and … More The Truth and A Lie

God is Not Merciful

Strictly speaking, that is. For to say that God is full of mercy is to imply that mercy exists outside of Him. God cannot be full of anything because God is everything. He can have no attributes because attributes imply deficiencies and imperfections, neither of which exist in God. Technically, God is not merciful, but … More God is Not Merciful

Politically Correct?

G.K. Chesterton once said that when man ceases to worship God he does not worship nothing but worships anything. Some would argue that that anything is man himself. For when man ceases to worship God, he worships himself. And when man worships himself, he establishes safeguards to prevent against offending himself. One of these safeguards … More Politically Correct?