The Truth and A Lie


Fellow lovers of the truth, who are we fighting? Is it the Democrats? Is it liberals? Is it leftists? Socialists? Progressives? Communists? Perhaps it’s the new-age-neo-post-modern-pseudo-fascists-Marxists? Or maybe it’s some other group for which we haven’t yet devised a label?

How telling it is that our enemies are legion. In the battle between good and evil, there only exists the truth and a lie. The truth is rigid–there is only one. Lies are flexible–they are legion. Thus we say the truth and a lie. Those fighting on the side of good have few labels, and they are all synonymous. Trying to label our evil enemies is like trying to nail jello to a wall. Their beliefs are based on lies, and lies are not things. This means that those on the side of evil believe in nothing. They are merely subject to the whims of human passion and Satan’s temptations.

We must never lose sight of the fact that life is very simple. Our battle is only between good and evil–nothing else. Those who are not with us are against us. If one is evil, it matters little which particular lie they uphold. Leftists, Communists, Marxists, and all the rest are essentially the same. It isn’t even necessary to understand their nuances because we already know them as our enemy. The only labels we really need are good and evil. One is the truth, the other is a lie.


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