What’s the Point of Life?


A college professor once asked her class, “If all we do is live and then die, what is the point of life?” A student in the back mentioned something silly about nihilism, but the rest didn’t say a word. They did seem rather perplexed, however, as a few barely audible mumbles came across.

Is this how far we’ve fallen? Are we so absorbed in our lives that we have become incapable of thought? Mankind’s most central question–what is the meaning of life–is now being regarded as a perplexing novelty? Please.

People: God created us to know, love, and serve Him in this world that we may be happy with Him forever in the next. The point of life is that we do not just live and die–we pass into eternity. This life is only a temporary test. If we pass, everlasting happiness is the reward. If we fail, everlasting torment is the punishment.

Life is not exclusively material. Man is composed of body and soul. His spiritual, immaterial soul is immortal. Once created, it lives on into eternity. And in that eternity it will either enjoy everlasting happiness or everlasting torment. The choice is ours, and the point of life is to make that eternal choice.


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