God is Not Merciful


Strictly speaking, that is. For to say that God is full of mercy is to imply that mercy exists outside of Him. God cannot be full of anything because God is everything. He can have no attributes because attributes imply deficiencies and imperfections, neither of which exist in God.

Technically, God is not merciful, but He is infinite mercy. God is not full of justice, but He is justice to an infinite degree. God cannot be full of truth and goodness; God is truth and goodness.

These things are true, and yet God is still referred to as merciful. In fact, God Himself tells us that He is merciful. Why? Because the spirit of the law is more important than the letter of the law. God understands how cumbersome it would be for our poor human intellects to make this slight distinction, and He knows it is not necessary to do so. The point is that God deals with His creatures in a merciful manner, so for all intents and purposes, He is merciful.

Still, it’s interesting to note the distinction. Perhaps this truth will lead us to a greater reverence of and respect for God. At the end of the day, however, we still say the sun rises even though we know it doesn’t. So let us say that God is merciful, even though we know He isn’t. God is mercy, and the important thing to remember is that His mercy is above all His works.


2 thoughts on “God is Not Merciful

  1. Let me know if you dont want me to do this again. Before i found the SSPX, which led me to the SSPV, i took part in a NO website which i never left. I posted this on the site, giving due credit of course, and other articles from good Traditionalists, in hopes that a light will come on in someone’s head. It was from Traditionalists who took part on that NO forum a decade ago that the light went on in my head, and brought me out of the NO. Let me know if that was ok.

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