Stupid Man

jester (1)

Man is stupid,” Francis the Liberal tells us, because he doesn’t act on climate change. “Those who deny climate change need to go to scientists and ask them.”

Okay then. Here are a few questions. We continually hear that catastrophic weather events have never been more prominent than they are today, but how do we know that? Don’t these same scientists tell us the world is billions and billions of years old? Do we have records from all those years to which we can compare our current data? As far as America, wasn’t she discovered only very recently, relatively speaking? Isn’t it possible that the climate in America has been significantly more stable and tolerable since the land was populated? How do we know that America wasn’t hit by hurricanes every single day for billions of years before she was discovered and settled? Is it not also possible that our ridiculous 24/7 news cycle massively over-hypes every weather event? After all, an insignificant radio talk-show host once made national headlines for weeks simply because he used the phrase, “Happy-headed hoes.” Could the recent hysteria over relatively small disasters be in some way history repeating itself?

Alas, these questions will never be answered. Why? Well, climate change has never been about science, truth, nor answering questions. It’s about power. It’s about control.

It matters very little if 97% of so-called scientists agree that climate change is real. In fact, it wouldn’t matter at all if 100% of scientists were to say that anything is real. Truth and reality are objective things. Francis and his beloved liberalism would have us believe otherwise, though.

What a stupid man he is.


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