“Attending Church”


“I don’t have to attend church in order for God to love me.” Hmm. What a silly statement this is.

God loves with an unfathomable love every soul He has ever created, but His love is utterly powerless if we refuse it. A father can love a wayward son with every fiber of his being, but a loving father cannot help a son who refuses his help.

What’s really in question here is our love for God. The Natural Law alone tells us that we must attend church in order to offer public praise and worship to our Creator. Attending church is a manifestation of our love for our God–not the other way around.

He who loves his God will keep His Commandments and attend His Church. God will love us whether we attend His Church or not, but He will reward or punish us based upon our decision. Those who decide not to attend church must either not know their Creator or not love Him.


One thought on ““Attending Church”

  1. I hear this all the time from acquaintances and coworkers, especially with regard to the sacrament of penance. “God knows I’m sorry.” But I think, though I rarely say, that if you will not avail yourself of the sacraments when you can, how sorry can you be? While it is not my place to judge others, I personally know that only obstinacy would prevent me from approaching the confessional. “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”

    My mother’s parish priest turned his confessionals into broom closets after Vatican II. The unavailability of priests for confession is the lamentable result of the extreme individualism that pervades modern life, to which Vatican II presumed to conform the Church. Consequently, Catholics have forgotten the meaning of the Kingship of Christ. And so they do not feel bound to render Him public homage.

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