“Whatever Makes You Happy!”


“Do whatever makes you happy, provided you don’t make anyone else unhappy.” A naive philosophy if there ever was one. It only takes one small (and logical) step from here to arrive at Satanism: “Do what thou wilt.”

Instead, let’s try this one: “Do whatsoever your infinitely wise and good Creator has commanded.” That’s the only way to achieve happiness, anyway.


4 thoughts on ““Whatever Makes You Happy!”

  1. Tom Naegele, I agree with your point in this regard. However, what if something you are doing makes someone happy as well as it is making you happy? Can that be seen as a good thing or a bad thing? Does it depend on the context and the circumstances?

    1. Man has a fallen nature–he is a corrupted being. This allows him to delight in immoral and bad things. But man is capable of receiving grace, which allows him to overcome natute and delight in moral and good things. So it matters very little what seems to make a man happy. The question has no bearing on the real question which is one of motality. Before performing any action, man should ask himself, “Will this make my Creator happy? Is this in accordance with His holy will? Is this particular action in line with the plan that God has established for my life?”

      If the answer is yes, we have a moral and good action. It doesn’t matter if the particular action makes us feel happy or not. That’s a moot point that only the selfish man considers. The wise man understands the only way to achieve true, everlasting, and unassailable happiness is to achieve the purpose for which he was created–eternal salvation.

  2. Tom Naegele, your points are well thought-out. Here is an example of something that may make you happy or another person happy: If someone you know is bringing you a bag of your favorite coffee or tea, that it makes the presenter of the gift as happy as it makes you happy, would this have an ideal result? Now, what if the situation was reversed, that you did that for another person and that they were as happy to receive the gift as you were to give it?

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