Stupid Man

“Man is stupid,” Francis the Liberal tells us, because he doesn’t act on climate change.¬†“Those who deny climate change¬†need to go to scientists and ask them.” Okay then. Here are a few questions. We continually hear that catastrophic weather events have never been more prominent than they are today, but how do we know that? … More Stupid Man

God and Francis

“God cannot be God without man,” Francis the Liberal tells us. But is this true? Does God really need man? Of course not. God is necessary being Who is every perfection to an infinite degree. To assert that God needs any created thing is to insinuate that He is not God. But why did God … More God and Francis


In Sacred Scripture we read that Christ was not always pleased with the conduct of Peter, the first pope of His Church. In fact, Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was charity itself, went so far as to call St. Peter “Satan.” St. Matthew gives the account in his gospel: “[Christ] Who turning, said to Peter: … More Satan?